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My Privacy Choice For you: Evidence Eliminator

Evidence Eliminator has been around for nearly ten years now and can be classified as one of the most controversial products available. I cannot think of another product that has ever caused so much talk all over the web like Evidence Eliminator. And for good reason!

Evidence Eliminator is a product that simply does the job! It eliminates all evidence from your PC and has proven to defeat forensic software that cost a lot more than Evidence Eliminator.

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Evidence Eliminator main Features

Clear your cache and cookies

Eliminate sensitive files and data - even if locked by the Windows operating system

Erase all Computer and Internet Histories

Use Secure deletion processes similar to US Government Military standards

Securely clean space and hidden data areas on your drives:


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Evidence Eliminator is the only Privacy Software that works correctly in Windows Vista and Windows 7.


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Why I chose Evidence Eliminator?

There are many reasons why I have chosen to suggest Evidence Eliminator to you out of the dozens available privacy Software:

  • First of all it works!
  • It is the only one that works properly on Windows Vista
  • It has dozens of addons for various software
  • Quick and Efficient Support (tested by me!)
  • 10 years of experience (nobody else can claim that!)
  • It respects the privacy of its customers (and for such a sensitive software this is very important in my books).